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What are keywords?

Basically, whenever someone wants to search for something on the internet, they almost always use a search engine such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing or others.  They would than type in an assortment of words that simply describes what they are in search of.  It is the job of the search engines to run through their database of stored and indexed information and return the search results that closely resemble the words that were submitted.

The words that people use to conduct their search are usually called search terms, but they are also called keywords.  Also, 9 out of 10 times people will use more than one word in their search.  The reason is that using only one search term will generally return results that are wide-ranging and sometimes unrelated.  One way that people resolve this is by adding additional words to their original search term or keyword.

Anyone that has a website or blog online wants targeted traffic.  By using keywords and working with the search engines you will be able to generate what is called organic targeted traffic, which is a free source of traffic for you.  The use of keywords allows people who are searching for your product to find you through the search engines. 

When you are determining what keywords to use for your site, put yourself in peoples shoes that are searching.  Try to visualize the words that they would use to try and find your website.  Another way is to go over what your website is about and pick out the top words and phrases that stand out and make a list of them.  Than perform a keyword search using the free Google Keyword Research Tool.








How To Do Keyword Research? 

Keyword research has to do with researching things about your own website, the content, products, services or the type of business you have.  From here you can add specific keywords that string together to help promote and advertise your website.

The first place you should begin is with your online business.  Assess what products or services you will or do offer.  What is your website about?  What is your online business about?  What market are you concentrating on?

Answer those questions and come up with ideas for use as search terms which will eventually be your keywords.  In some circumstances you can also use the products or services that you offer as potential keywords.  The whole point is to come up with suggestions that other people might use as search terms to find your website and make a list of them.

Another great way to find your keywords is to search out your competition and notice the keywords that they are using.  Don’t just look at one or two of your competitors, research as many as you can so you will have a variety of keyword options and choices.  This will give you a better understanding and some further insight as to finding the most appropriate keywords that will work for you.

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to research your keywords is by using a keyword research tool.  Using the keyword tool will help to show you the competition level for each keyword as well as how many times a specific keyword has been used in a search.

You can use the free Google Keyword Tool Here:

Using the Google Keyword Tool is easy and will produce a list of results for you immediately.  Type in your main keyword or keyword phrase that you want to search from the list that you made during your market research.  Than type the security letters and press search.

As an example we already have our broad market which is baby products.  After doing some market research I found a smaller niche market, “baby swings” that looks profitable.




The results pages for baby swings return just over two million competing web pages.  That is a little high, so we need to continue searching.




Notice on the left side the keyword choices.  The next column with the shaded green boxes is the amount of competition for that keyword.  The column to the right of that are the total global searches for that keyword during a 12 month period.

This time I am going to check the keywords Graco Swings and see what results we can come up with.




The search results this time for Graco Swings returns almost 400,000 in competitive web pages.  We still want to get that just a little lower so we can compete better with our keyword choices.




For this example I have chosen the keywords Graco Baby Swing.  The global searches need to be a little higher, but from the information I found while searching for the market tells me that there are customers wanting the product.


Now, the competitive web pages here are lower, but they are still considered high by many people looking for a smaller niche. 

TIP - Another thing that you want to pay attention to when searching for your market are the ads to the far right of the page.  Notice that there are plenty of them, you want these there.

The people who place those ads are paying good money to have them their.  That is a good sign; it tells me that there is a market here for those keywords.  Also, if there are no ads running on the results pages when you are searching for your keywords, keep searching.  You want to see those ads running on the results pages of your chosen keywords.  



Now, after doing a little further research into baby swings I found a product and keywords - “Graco Sweet Peace” with a global search of 12,100.  Remember, you want the global searches to be higher and the competitive web pages to be lower.  In this case, the competitive pages are 22,700 much better than the keyword examples above.

Also, notice the paid ads to the right of the page.  Keep in mind that it is a good sign for anyone searching for those good keywords.



So, let’s recap where we are up to now.

I have done some research into a market that I feel comfortable with, “Baby Products” (remember, this is just an example as I am not promoting any type of baby products personally) 

I have visited numerous forums, blogs, social sites, chat rooms and read several magazines on parenting, all in an effort to research any available opportunities of promoting baby type products. 

As I already mentioned, the baby products market is very broad and would be tough to compete with millions of other websites.  The research I did uncovered a simple product that is in demand from parents of newborns.

The product I chose to start out with is a - “Baby Swing” and since that keyword is very competitive I did some further research into several different product manufacturer’s and came up with the Graco Brand Baby Swing.

However, I still wanted to find a product within the same market, but with better results for my primary keyword.  Doing some additional research I found a product from the same manufacturer (Graco) and came up with a niche product - Graco Sweet Peace Baby Swing.

For this example, my niche market could be baby swings instead of baby products and one of my niche products of course would be the Graco Sweet Peace Baby Swing.

By now you should have a better understanding of how to find those keywords for your online business.  The main thing is research; it is something that cannot be ignored.  Use the Google keyword Research Tool or any other keyword tool and find those profitable keywords that will work for your business.











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