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 Use Your Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Programs


Before you completely write your website content or articles, make sure you list your keywords and build your content and articles with them.  Use your keyword research tools to find and list the keywords that pertain to your specific niche or theme.  It is very important with your affiliate marketing programs that you search for the right keywords for your website.

There are some software programs that are available that take a lot of the work out of searching by actually suggesting or pointing out the exact keywords for you to use.  One of those programs is Brad Callen’s PPCwebspy, which I use.  It works right on your pc and when you perform a search for a specific term, you can pull up the affiliate marketing programs of ppc affiliates and take a look at all the keywords that they are bidding on.  Notice below, you have seen this page before, but, look under each of the sponsored ads and you will notice a bar that says get keywords.

One keyword research tool that works well with affiliate marketing programs is google’s keyword research tool.  It is free to use and will help you to break down and build your keyword list.

Enter the keyword terms that you would like to search for in the box.  You can add several and include multiple phrases to search for.  Google will then generate the most popular search terms for the words that you entered.  The keyword tool will sort the results by popularity, competition, and number of searches performed during the past month.

The main point that you have to remember is that you have to keep searching until you find the right keywords for your affiliate marketing programs.  

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