How To Rewrite PLR Articles And Make Money Online

How To Rewrite PLR Articles And Make Money Online 



It is no wonder that many internet marketers fail when using plr articles or private label rights articles.  The number one problem they have with plr articles is, how to rewrite them?  Another problem they have is not knowing how much of the plr articles to actually change. 


For many of you who are not aware, plr articles or private label rights articles can be sold many times over to hundreds of people or more.  Out of all those people, it is a sure bet that someone isn’t going to change any of the articles and they will use them as they are.  That is the worst thing that you can do with plr articles.

If you use plr as is and don’t bother to change anything, you run the risk of duplicate content.  The best thing you can do with plr articles is to edit them completely.  By changing them or editing the content you than have original articles and you do not have to worry about duplicate content.

Many internet marketers find it hard to rewrite articles or do not know how to rewrite them.  It’s actually not as hard as many people think.  One example, do you remember when you were in school and had to research information for an assignment?  You copied the information that you researched and rewrote the assignment in your own words.  That is exactly the same thing you do with plr articles.

Let’s start out with how you will rewrite plr articles the right way.   The first thing you are going to do once you acquire plr articles that relate to your online business or niche subject, is change the title.  The title is the most important part of your article and catches the attention of your readers.

Changing the title or editing it is probably the easiest part of the article.  Focus on your niche keywords and use them in the title when you change it.  A little piece of advice, use phrases like; how to, best way, easiest way, tips, and so on.

Using these along with your keyword phrases will stand a better chance with your search ranking.  However, there are no real set rules on how you want the title to read, it is entirely up to you.  A real simple way to find another title is to read the plr article through and come up with something completely different.

The next step you will take is to rewrite the introduction and than the body of the article.  One idea that works with some people, especially if you have a lot of articles to rewrite at one time is to swap sentences and change words.  Some people do this just by changing the order of the sentences, but if you do that, make sure that your article follows in line and that it still makes sense for your readers.

I personally do not like to write my articles this way, but many people find it easier to rewrite plr articles this way to save time.  Plr articles can save you time on researched material for your niche subjects, which also makes writing articles a lot easier.  Many internet marketers acquire plr articles for the purpose of research material only and than write their own articles, as I do.

Another thing that is very important when rewriting plr articles is using keywords.  Make sure that you research your keywords or keyword phrases before rewriting any articles.  You want to make sure that your keywords are used within your new articles to help optimize them for the search engines.

Consider this, it doesn’t matter which way you decide to write your articles using plr articles.   The most important thing to remember is that you change the plr articles or edit them completely.  The more that you edit them the better it will be for you to make money online.

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