How to Build Your List


How to Build Your List



So you have a website or blog and you offer a service or product that is useful to your sites visitors.  You are currently generating relative traffic and producing some sort of sales from your online business.  Your customers are satisfied with the products that you sell and hopefully they will return and buy again from you.


While this may sound like the ideal online business, you really can’t afford to take the chance that each customer will return to buy from you.  This is especially true if you are driving additional traffic to your website.  The key is getting your website visitors to subscribe to your list by offering them something valuable in return for their email address.

Your list or opt in list as it is called, is a form of permission whereby they are agreeing to let you send them promotional materials.  These promotional materials can be such things as, free ebooks, general information on the topic of your site, give aways and more.  Along with the promotional materials you could also inform them of your website or blog updates pointing out exactly what new material has been with links that information.

Email will be your primary source of marketing and advertising efforts, and by marketing this way you eliminate a lot of your overhead.  With your opt in list of subscribers the good thing is that you know that your message will be received, and hopefully read by your subscribers  But, this also means that you must involve your subscribers, keep their attention and interest by providing useful promotions, specials, and other valuable information or tools that they can use.

Of course you should be also aware that a subscriber may unsubscribe when they feel that they are not getting what they want or expected. Make sure that they are satisfied with your opt-in marketing strategies and keep them excited in receiving your newsletters and catalogs. Here are some tips that can help you build a list of eager subscribers.

  • Make your promotional materials interesting and fun. Try to use a little creativity but not too over artsy. Build around what your product or service is about. For example; if you are selling dog training materials, put some pictures of dogs being trained and include steps so your reader can follow them in pictures.         

  • Try to research what people are looking for, these way, you stay one step ahead of them all the time and you will be their bearer of new tidings. They will be eager to receive what you are sending them because they new you always have fresh and new things to share with them.

  • Write good articles that can be very informational but light at the same time. If your subscribers enjoy your articles, they will go to your site by clicking the links that you will be putting on your newsletter to read some more. You can provide articles that can connect to many people. Be diverse in your articles. Put something humorous, then put something informational, then put something that has both.

Are you cautious about this because you don’t like writing? No problem, that is where private label rights or plr comes in.  By using plr articles or plr content, you can create a vast number or articles that pertain to your website or blog.

You can use plr articles or plr content to write about anything of value for your subscribers.  This is where you can be really creative by coming up with your own ebooks or manuals on the topic of your website.  Start your own newsletter and use private label rights content to fill the newsletter with.

If your subscribers can get benefits from your information, they will be very receptive to receiving other emails from you.  While this is happening you are also building one of the most important steps in your online business, trust.


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