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How to Build Repeat Visitors to Your Website 


The following are just some basic tips that will help you to keep your website visitors coming back and visiting your site again.

  • This is probably the most important tip for getting repeat visitors to your website.  Content, make sure that your website content is fresh and updated regularly.  Just take a moment and think about your content.  If your site has the same content for weeks and weeks, why would anybody want to revisit your website?


  • You are going to hear this a lot, especially in the affiliate marketing business, Brand your website.  Basically, what that means is, have the colors that you use for borders the same, the headers the same, place your logos where they can be easily seen, and if you have a favorite saying or famous quote, place it where it can catch your visitors attention.  You want people to be able to recognize and remember your website, that is the key to branding.

  • Make sure that your website has a “privacy policy” in force and that it can clearly be seen from the home page.

  • Make sure that each of your pages has a title and  some sort of link for your visitors to navigate around your site.  This sounds kind of repetitive, but you would be amazed how many websites do not create a central area for visitors or provide any links to get to some of the inner pages.

  • Add a tell a friend script which is basically a recommendation to tell their friends about your website.

  • Add social bookmarking buttons and make it easy for visitors to bookmark your site.

  • If you have a newsletter or thinking about creating one, add an opt in box and capture your website visitors name and email address.  Start building your list from here.

  • Create a FAQ page and provide answers to your website visitors.

These are just some of the major tips and recommendations that you should be thinking about regarding your website visitors.  There are obviously many more ideas that one can think of, and that is exactly what you should be doing.  Think outside the box, be creative with your own ideas when it comes to your website.  Let’s face it, the online business world is growing and website owners need to start thinking of different and newer ideas that will draw attention to their visitors that will make them want to visit your website over and over again.

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