How Do I Get Traffic From Writing Articles

 How Do I Get Traffic From Writing Articles


Anyone that has an online business today needs to think about how they will get website traffic.  Without sufficient traffic that is targeted or in other words, interested in what you have to offer are generally going to find it difficult to survive online.  One idea that is difficult for most people to grasp is article marketing.  Writing articles or content for that matter is something that a lot of people simply want to ignore.  If you want to succeed with an online business it would be worth your time and effort to incorporate article marketing as part of your promotional and advertising strategy.

If you have never written articles to be published with online article directories, don’t be too worried as there are just as many others who face the same problem.  Writing articles does require some practice and as long as you are willing to learn and continue practicing, you will eventually get better and realize that writing articles wasn’t as difficult as you thought. 

Now, let’s focus on how to get traffic from writing articles.  First, you must realize that articles are just like content news stories with the newspapers.  You as the author are providing a story or in the case of online marketing you simply provide information that pertains entirely to the theme or topic of your site.  If your site is about how to raise backyard rabbits, than your articles will provide only content that relates to that topic. 

Your articles should never be about selling a product or service; they are much more valuable to your readers when they provide only useful information, tips and ideas.  Of course, the readers who take interest in your articles and follow through to your website for additional information are what you would call targeted.  These are the people that are directly interested in what you might have to offer.

But, the key is giving readers just enough information that will entice them to click through to your website to find out more.  Another very important part that will help get traffic from writing articles is the headline or title.  Use your keyword phrases that relate to your website and place them within the title.  Use phrases that will get your readers excited and avoid any that will seem boring to your readers as this pretty much defeats the purpose of article marketing.

What are the advantages of submitting articles to online directories?

  • Some of the top article directories such as; ezinearticles, go articles, article dashboard and many others are considered to be authority sites by the search engines.
  • By submitting to these top directories you will be able to have your articles indexed faster, and the ability to reach a targeted audience.
  • Anchored text is a major option with most of the recognized directories and authors are encouraged to use anchor text through the resource box.  This is an SEO strategy that will help to increase the link popularity of your website.
  • Articles will continue to work for you day and night, year after year as they are archived within the directories themselves.
  • Viral marketing is achieved as the articles that you submit to the directories can be used by other webmasters as content on their own sites.
  • Writing and submitting articles is basically free to do.

There are still many other advantages of why an article marketing strategy will help your online business.  Take the time to learn so you can benefit by getting traffic from writing articles.  Also, think of articles as your personal newspaper as it is out on the internet promoting you and your website to countless numbers people.

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