Get to Know Your Autoresponder




Get to Know Your Autoresponder

Once you have decided to start building your opt in list for your affiliate marketing business, it’s time to get an autoresponder.  There are a lot of autoresponder services on the internet, but the one I recommend is getresponse.  The cost will run you about twenty dollars per month, but you will make that back, and even more just in the time that you will save.

After signing up with your autoresponder service, it would be wise to take your time and read through all the instructions to fully understand how to use the service.

Once you have read through all the instructions start by loading an email address in the autoresponder.  The first one should be your own email address as you want to test as many messages as possible before actually setting the responder on auto pilot.

Keep sending yourself test messages to your own email until you fully understand the autoresponder service.  Depending on how fast you pick up the information, this process could take you several hours.

After spending a few hours testing different messages that you sent to yourself, you should actually know everything that you need to get started.  Now you should be ready to load your autoresponder with your personal and promotional messages for your opt in list.

Just remember, each autoresponder service operates in a different way, especially with text.  Some autoresponders will let you use a hard line break and some won’t.  Also, it is best to keep the maximum characters at 65 per line.  Have you ever received an email where the text is typed completely across the page?

This type of email is using the entire page, and it also has the lowest response rate because of that.  The reason for that is, people don’t like to read across the page, especially if the message is long.  The end result is that the email will end up being deleted.

By keeping your message lines at the maximum 65 characters, you will be allowing your list readers to focus on your message while reading without having to scan back and forth across the page.

This is another good reason why you want to spend a little time practicing on messages and sending them to yourself.  Take the extra time that it requires to understand your auto responder, and in the end you will find out that it is an important tool for your success.

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