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 Define Your Goals Before You Set Them


Before you venture off with any affiliate or online business, you should have a set of goals that will help guide you.  Goals will help to keep you on the right path and focused with the details that matter most to your new online business. 

First, be SPECIFIC with what it is that you want to accomplish.  Don’t be like most people and be unclear as to what you want.  Goals that are vague or confusing will produce results that are exactly the same.  Be specific and know exactly what you want to achieve. 

Second, your goals must be MEASURABLE in that you need to calculate exactly how and if you have reached your goals or not.  Having goals that you can measure, by calculating the progress of them will make them easier to achieve any kind of results.  If you don’t have a way of measuring your goals, how will you know where you are?

Third, your goals must be ATTAINABLE. This is something that many people make the mistake when setting their goals.  Be true to yourself and set your goals that you know can be reached, especially within shorter time frames.  Many of these same people set goals that are completely out of their reach.  Yes, you still need to set higher or long term goals as these are the ones that create a driving force within you, but they also need to be attainable.  This simply means that you should have many short term goals that are realistic that will help you reach your medium and long term goals.

Fourth, your goals need to be REALISTIC.  Sometimes people set goals that are not genuine within terms of reaching them.  They are simply far fetched and out of ones reach.  As I mentioned above, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have big or longer term goals; it simply means that they must be real.  Goals need to be practical in order to find success.

As an example; if a program states that you can make five thousand dollars in a month with no previous background or training, this to me is not realistic.  While some people might have the advanced training and know how to make certain programs or strategies work, others do not, which simply makes this an unattainable goal for many.  However, if the program states it differently and offers detailed information on training and learning of specific strategies and methods over a given period of time, such as three to six months or even longer, than yes, that goal could be realistic.

You will find many programs on the internet that promise overnight success stories without any prior knowledge needed.  Is it possible to make a few hundred dollars a week or a couple thousand dollars a month from the beginning and still be considered realistic?  Of course it is, as long as all the information, tools and resources are available and you are willing to put the time and effort into that program.  Having goals that are realistic, simply boils down to being honest with you, not with anyone else.

Fifth, your goals should have an achievable TIME frame.  Setting realistic time frames to your goals is something that will help drive you and keep you on track.  In order for goals to be effective they need to have time frames as to when they can be achieved.

These are the SMART goals that you need in your life as well as with your affiliate or online business.  Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely have a far better chance of achieving success.

Best to us all,

K. Ho from Make Money Now



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