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Finish Your Business Plan



What date do you expect to achieve turnover and/or profit?
How will you plan to be on the top of your niche market?  By what date?
How will you generate traffic to your website?
What means will you use to attract more visitors?
What will motivate people to visit or buy from your website?
How will the current trends affect your business?
What major competitors do you face?
Since you are new to internet marketing, why would visitors buy from you?
What strengths do you have?
What is your method for providing products to your customers?
Will your product be unique?
Will the price of your product be cheaper compared to your competition?
What type of guarantee will you offer your customers?



Although these are not all the questions that you should be asking yourself.  These do give you a better indication of why a business plan is so vital, even for your online business.

Start out your business plan with a clear executive summary of what it is that you are going to accomplish and when.  Clearly state when you will be starting and when you plan to reach your projected goals.  The following are just some of the main topics to include with your business plan.  The overall emphasis of the business plan is going to tell you what you are going to do.  

The Executive Summary
Market Analysis

Do your research and pay particular attention to your competition.  Remember, you must take action and implement what you have learned about your business and the online market.  It is important that you follow the steps that you have outlined in your plan.  That is why you need to know precisely what it is you have to do and how you will achieve your goals.

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