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Do You Really Know What a Business Is?


Too often people get perplexed by the dissimilarity between a hobby and a business online.  A business online that is making some money for you or a hobby of which you dream about making some money.  Well, you know those bills that keep showing up like clockwork, that money you are making online can be used to pay those bills.


So, what exactly is a business?  Well, to put it simply, it can be a person or some organization that is operating with the purpose of generating a profit from either the sale of goods or services.

As stated before, if you plan on operating an online business, than you need to know exactly where you are going and by what means to get you there.  That is why a business plan is so vital to your success, especially if you expect any long term results.

Most people when starting up identify an online business as just a casual hobby since there is no real presence of a brick and mortar type setting.  However, they fail to realize that there are expenses involved and they do add up, especially when you have no real business plan in place.  

It’s imperative that a business plan be set up if for nothing else than to simply budget your expenditures.  If you continue to choose the instant alternative, than your probably going to end up somewhere in the 90% bracket of failed businesses.  Even though starting an online business is one of the easiest to do, you still need to follow guidelines if your goal is to become successful with an internet business.

Without a business plan your venture will be like traveling in the dark, not knowing where it is going.   If your goal is to be successful with an internet based business, than having a business plan will help you make steps to achieve that goal.  More than once you will make necessary changes to your business plan, but as long as your attention is kept on your goal, the plan will help in reaching your target.  Even with the changes that you will most likely make, you will immediately notice different ways of saving money for your online business.

My greatest passion in life is traveling.  It doesn’t matter how, by car, boat, plane or train, I just love to travel.  Everyone who travels knows or plans certain routes to get to there destination.  And sometimes while traveling we often look for a shorter or more convenient route to get to our destination.  

Every business, whether brick and mortar or online, should have a business plan set up.

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