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Many newbies to online business do not realize the difference between an autoresponder program and an autoresponder service.  Usually an autoresponder program will be offered with a web hosting account that you set up for your website.  This type of program is usually free and part of the service from your web host.

After trying it out for a while new internet marketers realize that it is either to complicated or doesn’t offer the features that they require.  Another type of autoresponder program is one that you purchase and install onto your web server.  If you are unfamiliar or not comfortable with installing scripts, it is probably not a good idea to use this type of autoresponder program.

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An autoresponder service is exactly that, a service which you pay for on a monthly basis.  The difference is that the service is browser based so all your autoresponder messages can be handled on your web browser.  You can do the same with the autoresponder program that comes with your web hosting account, but the difference is the service runs the autoresponder off their web server and not your hosting accounts.

New internet marketers will find it better to use an autoresponder service as they are easy to understand and you do not need any technical background to set them up.  Also, you will find that the autoresponder service offers more features compared to the autoresponder programs.

Now, if you don’t like the idea of paying monthly for a service, you can get autoresponder services that are free.  The problem with this type of service is they will usually put their own ads in each of your messages.  The free autoresponder services run their ads differently, some can put their ads directly on top of your messages or just below.  

Another disadvantage to the free autoresponder services is that you have less control when managing your messages and your opt in list.  Something else to consider as well when using a free autoresponder service.  If you start to build a large list or you decide later to upgrade to another paid service, the new autoresponder service may not allow you to import your email list.

If you are using an autoresponder for an online business, it is probably best that you convey professionalism with your messages.  By using an autoresponder service your messages will be cleaner with no ads attached, and they will look personal to each member that you send to on your list.

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