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Affiliate Marketing Programs


It is not something new that the internet is providing and creating new opportunities for those that seek alternative sources of income.  Now, practically everyone has the opportunity and the potential to be their own boss.  Affiliate marketing programs make it easier for you to work at home, even if you still work your day job.

The first thing you need to do is decide which affiliate marketing programs are right for you and do some research on them.  After researching them, choose one that you have a passion for, one that you really have an interest in.  There are literally thousands of affiliate marketing programs so finding one that you have an interest in should not be a problem.  


You may here this over and over again, especially with affiliate marketing.  Your passion for affiliate marketing programs that are right for you is a major factor in determining your success.  By choosing affiliate marketing programs that you are passionate about, it increases your level of creativity that you will need in marketing your website.  You continually have to think one step ahead of your competition, and being creative in your marketing efforts will help with this.

Next, you must incorporate some kind of business plan for your affiliate marketing business.  It could be just a couple pages outlining your objectives and goals to twenty pages and more.  The key is having a plan and following it.  Over 90% of people who get involved with affiliate marketing programs fail within the first year, if not sooner.

Their biggest problem that they faced was not knowing where they were going with their affiliate marketing business.  Here are some of the top reasons why most people fail with affiliate marketing programs:

  • Choosing affiliate marketing programs that they were not passionate for.

  • Choosing affiliate marketing programs without doing any research on them.

  • Not building a business plan for their affiliate marketing business.  (you have to understand that it is a business)

  • Choosing the wrong affiliate marketing programs where their decision is only based upon popularity.  Once again, no passion for the product and no research.

  • Jumping from program to program.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when entering the affiliate marketing business.  That is why a business plan is so vital in your efforts as it helps to keep your attention on your present affiliate marketing programs.

  • Not having a mentor, someone that will teach the new affiliate everything they need to know to survive with internet marketing.  

Probably the biggest mistake that new people make with affiliate marketing programs is going at it alone.  They read and hear about how easy it is to start in the affiliate marketing business and the first thing they do is sign up with affiliate marketing programs.  Next, they add banners and links from their programs and sit and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Weeks or even months later they wonder why the money is not rolling in as promised.  There are no secrets or hidden formulas as many new internet marketers are lead to believe.  There are however many key strategies and techniques that work with affiliate marketing programs.  This is where the mentor comes in as they have been down the road of trial and error.  They have spent years mastering the strategies that work and don’t work, especially with affiliate marketing programs.

If you are really serious about earning money as an internet marketer, and would like to achieve success with affiliate marketing programs, GET A MENTOR!

The best mentor and mentorship program that will work for you is with Liz Tomey.  Her programs are designed for the newbie in internet marketing and you will not find a more dedicated person who actually cares about your success.

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