Is there a simple and easy way to online internet marketing?  That's the magic question that every new and even some veteran internet marketers would like to know.  Everyone should realize and understand this before going any further.  There is no guarantee with any business that you get involved with, offline or online.  What one person considers to be easy, others might find difficult.  There, now that is made clear and out of the way let's look and see if there are viable ways of making online internet marketing business at least a little more tolerable.  Online internet marketing is not as complicated as many people make it out to be and there is absolutely no reason why anybody can't enjoy some reasonable amount of success through online internet marketing.

Let's start with something simple for online internet marketers to get involved with immediately that will help to promote and gain contacts where you can share ideas, tips and information with fellow online internet marketers.  One place is with message boards where you can use them as promotional tools.  Messages boards are simply websites that have forums so online internet marketers or other people can share ideas that might be related to your own niche market.  Obviously you want to join message boards that have something in common with your own business or the products you offer.  Depending on your niche or product you could end up finding a board that is filled with potential targeted customers and this will give you the chance to promote your website or blog.  Most of the message boards will allow you place a link to your website in the form of a signature which is a good way to drive traffic to your site.  Just remember, the secret here is to contribute some valuable information that appeals to prospective customers.

If you are fortunate and the message board that relates to your niche sometimes allows contributors to place links inside the body of their messages.  If you are answering questions from that board this would be a great opportunity for you to place a link back to your site.  The most important thing to remember with the message boards is to fully understand their individual guidelines.  Following their rules and policies will go along way with the results that you can expect from each of them.

No matter where you usually hang out on the internet, anything you do eventually comes back to what is called SEO or search engine optimization.  SEO is another online internet marketing strategy that can be difficult for many people, but in some ways it can also be simple.  With SEO there are certain ground rules that should be followed, I'm not saying you have to, it is just something that has been proven to work in generating traffic from the search engines.

SEO or web page optimization is basically setting your pages up to be read more efficiently by the search engines so your pages can be indexed and ranked.  The better your pages are optimized the higher ranking your pages will get in the search engine results pages.  The SERP's as they are called is when you place a phrase or term into the search box and click search the pages that show up after that are the search engine results pages.  The key to increase targeted traffic to your site is to get higher rankings so your pages show up sooner.

If you cannot afford to hire an SEO consultant, don't be worried as there are plenty of manuals both in text and video tutorials that are available online and easy to understand.  The biggest problem with many internet marketers is making it harder than it really needs to be.  Most SEO techniques will come by practicing and doing each of the required steps.

There you have two simple strategies that will help make your online internet marketing a little simpler and hopefully more productive.