This is something that at first I really didn’t see much in the suggestion until I started doing a little research about making a podcast and how big the podcasting market was.  If you are not aware, podcasting is very similar to blogging, of course, the big difference being is blogging you write or type your words and with podcasting, it is your voice.

Do a search on Google for podcast blogs or websites and visit some of these sites to get an idea and feel for what they are like.  Some are very creative in their presentations and others of course lack any creativity whatsoever.  There are many people who use the podcasting system to broadcast stories, tell tales, their present work environment, something about the cities that they live in, current movies playing, top music hits, family or social events and more.  The ideas for making a podcast are endless.

So, if you wanted to set up a blog for your podcast and support it in the same way as a written blog by updating the content regularly, this could be very beneficial for you.  One suggestion, take your time in coming up with a topic for your podcast, as the theme of it will go a long way in getting the attention of visitors that you need for it to be successful. 

You can earn money from your podcast just like a blog by having either affiliate links or maybe Google Adsense ads on it.  Start out first by;

  • Creating a blog or website so that you can put your podcasts on

  • Start recording your content and if you do not have a program to do this, visit a site called Audacity where you can download the software to record and edit your material.  It’s totally free.

  • After recording, go ahead and convert each recording into mp3 - you can download free software here for audio conversion.

  • Next, upload the finished mp3 and include a description to your website or blog.

  • Have fun and start telling people about it!

  • Just remember, you’ll need to keep updating frequently to keep the interest of visitors, so plan on making a podcast several times a week at least.