Are your current online advertising methods working or are you suffering to get visitors to your sites? Maybe your strategies are working and you're getting hits, but your conversions are pretty much non-existent. Everything boils down to sales and the only way to get them is to actually concentrate on your conversion methods.

Of course, without getting much needed targeted traffic to your pages, you really can't justify any type of conversions anyway. Using banners is really not as effective as in years past and that goes for most of the traffic exchanges that so many online marketers count on.

All of the major search engines get the majority of their income from advertising. At one time, they also relied on using banners to attract peoples attention, but soon found out that all they were doing was creating – banner blindness! Their only solution was to create ads that were displayed in different sizes, which actually worked for a period of time. However, like everything else, once people got accustomed to seeing those ads the conversion rates started to tumble.

As online marketers, sometimes it takes several strategies in order to find the sources that will actually get good results for you. Here's a traffic generation source that is fairly simple in design and extremely easy to include on any of your pages. It's called a “Header Ad”!

People will generally not ignore this type of advertising, simply because it is not a banner and is usually loaded with all types of different graphics, images and text. A header ad is basically placed at the top edge of any web page, and like I said, it can display photos, images of products and text.

Guess what else? The header ad is the first thing to load when someone visits your pages, so it's the first thing that they will notice.

There are many bonus features that this type of advertising can offer online marketers. For instance, once you set it up, there is really nothing else for you to do. This alone will save you a great deal of time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on other important tasks for your online business. Also, there is no cost to you for adding this traffic method to your sites. Pretty neat, huh!

Getting the targeted traffic that you need for your web pages is not always easy, especially with so much competition online today. Adding resources that can only help to attract targeted visitors seems like a logical choice. Besides that, it won't cost you anything to put it into action! Get your header ads now!