I know you are probably saying that blogging is nothing new and how hard it is to make money blogging online.  You know what, you are probably right as well.  However, look at how many people follow each other when they blog.  Most internet marketers will tell you that if you want to make money blogging online it has to be this way or it has to be that way.  What you have to ask yourself is what happened to creativity.  I know people, some of them stay at home mom’s that make a tidy little income from free blogs that they set up on their own with no fancy software or monthly expenses and NO internet marketing experience to boot!

The key that I have noticed from many of these blogs that are successful is finding a niche, and I would definitely concentrate on one that you might have some general knowledge, interest or passion for.  There secret is just talking about there theme and adding small bits of information, resources, tips or ideas that readers can benefit from.  Most of these successful blogs also monetize their sites in different ways, although many of them have some form of adsense ads displayed. 

There is one other thing that I have been able to find out from these people, they have fun doing it.  Yes, it is a business, but they enjoy talking with others about their blog.  They develop a personality with their blog and the followers of these blogs love it.  Another thing that is considered an important part of any blog, especially if you want to make money blogging online is posting frequently.  Readers who start to follow will want to hear more of what you have to say.

Now, as mentioned above, you can easily monetize a blog by signing up with Google’s Adsense program.  You simply place advertisements on your blog and when someone clicks on one of them you get paid.  You can also place affiliate links or have paid advertisements from others, depending on your traffic flow.

There are many blog platforms on the internet today and a lot of them are free to use.  The top two blogging choices for many bloggers is Bloggerdotcom or Wordpressdotcom.

  • Your first decision is whether or not you want to start with a free account or go with paid hosting of your own domain.  Many people start with a free account to get the feel of it first, then decide later to upgrade to a more permanent placement.  Like I said, many people do very well on the free blogs; it’s all how you come across that matter most.

  • If you decide to go with a paid account then you will need to buy a domain and then have it hosted through a hosting provider.  Hostgator is one of the largest and most recognizable hosting companies on the internet and they have plans as low as a couple dollars per month.  Once you have your domain name and the hosting account set up, just point your domain to your new host provider and you are ready to start building a blog.  The process may sound like it’s difficult, but it’s not.  There is a support system in place that will help you with any questions.  Also, there are some video tutorials that I recommend from internet business tutorials that walk you through the entire process of setting up your domain and hosting accounts.

  • Once your blog is ready to go you can then start building it the way that you want.  By adding pictures, text, videos or anything else that is acceptable on the platform.  You can even make your first couple of posts even before your blog is finished.  Write about the current events, tips and resources about your blog theme and anything else that might be related to what your blog is about.

  • Plan on posting to your blog as much as possible as you want to build up your reader base as soon as possible.

  • Begin promoting your new blog to others around the internet.  Spread the word in the social networking sites, tell your friends and have them pass along the information on your blog. 

  • The main thing is to be yourself and talk about the things that are important to you that relate to your blog topic.  This more than anything will help your blog to gain a readership faster.

If you add valuable content to your posts and keep adding it frequently, it is very possible for you to make money blogging online.  But remember, some blogs take a while before they can actually see results from them, while others take off immediately.  For some people, it will take a lot of effort to post frequently, like on a daily basis.  Any income from your blog will obviously be determined by the number of posts you make, the topic of your blog and what type of monetization form you decide to use.