An idea that will help you to make money online is to sell your unwanted items on eBay or any other similar auction site.  Sometimes just browsing through your home it is possible to find items that have never been used or ones that you haven’t used in years.  These could anything from bicycles, kid’s toys, tools, camping gear, and clothing, bedding material, antiques and more. 

If you watch TV and notice that several programs offer home makeovers, have you noticed the clutter from all the things that people collect over the years.  It’s amazing how much stuff people will horde in their homes.  If you are one of these people you just might be sitting on some items that can fetch you a little money within a short period of time.

If you visit eBay regularly, you might also think about buying items that are listed and reselling them on eBay for a higher price.  Of course, you would want to find items that are selling and get them at a lower price so you can make something when reselling them.  If you are ambitious you can always advertise to buy up items that are not selling and then resell the items individually.

Another alternative is scouring the flea markets or garage sales and looking for items that are already selling on eBay.  You could also ask your friends or family members if they want to sell anything they don’t need and you will list it on eBay and in return they pay you a percentage of the profits.

  • Get started by registering an account as a seller on eBay.

  • Go to Paypal and open an account so you can receive funds.

  • Take a day or more to rummage through your home and locate items that you would prefer to sell.

  • Start listing any items that you are selling on eBay.

  • Search eBay to find items that you can buy for a reasonable price so that you can resell them again at a higher price.

  • Search around for alternative places that you can advertise your products, such as a website, blog, classified ads or social networks.

This is just one simple idea to make money online with eBay and does not limit the many other opportunities that are available.  What you will make from doing this will depend a great deal on the profit margin that you have from each individual item.