This is actually kind of something that is very popular on the internet today.  The reason is due to the fact that so many people, including myself, are not as savvy with the technical stuff when it comes software uploads and installation.  I have no problems getting the software uploaded through an ftp service (most of the time that is), but I always seem to run into a snag when trying to install it.  I know I am not alone in this as there are many individuals who face the same or similar difficulties.

If you know a little about installations, than it is safe to say that many people could use your help and you could make money online by simply installing many of the different applications and software programs to other people’s websites, blogs or computers.

This will be an easy fit for anyone that has some basic technical background or someone that just knows how to install applications, software programs, etc.  Everyone started out from the beginning learning most of the basics concerning computers and websites.  However, there are still many more that have not caught on or still lack some additional training or hands on time.  For many people, just getting their email is technical enough for them. 

Of course, you definitely want to do this for a fee and run it as a service.  If you spend some time searching around the internet, it is easy to find other people doing the same thing and the usual rate is between $5 and $10 per installation with higher rates for more complex work.

Now, to get started so you can make money online through software and installation services do the following:

  • Get yourself a website or blog to start with and list the services that you can provide and help people with.

  • Get yourself know in the many social communities and let friends and relatives know about your service.  Have them pass your information to others, especially their friends within the social networks.

  • Register with many of the freelance sites such as, Gurudotcom, Odeskdotcom and Elancedotcom.  You can search these sites as they usually have references to people who need help with software installations.