One of the most popular forms of promoting yourself on the internet is through blogging.  It is also one of the fastest growing forms of how to make money online with people from all over the globe and the internet provides numerous blogging platforms and resources for this.  These blogging sites come in every shape and design that you can possibly think of, so there is little chance that nothing will be available for your liking.  The overall secret to blogging is to create something you like as well as something you would enjoy writing and sharing with others.

There is also no excuse why you can’t start your own blog instantly since there are also countless blogging sites that are free.  You simply find a blogging site that you would like to join and sign up by creating a profile for free.  Once you have signed up, you can easily get started by creating posts for your blog.

Most of the free blogging sites are simple and require no technical knowledge at all to run and maintain your blog.  Some of the more advanced blogging platforms (usually paid sites) get more into specific coding such as HTML and PHP, but starting out with one of the free blogging sites you can avoid most of this and reduce your learning curve.

Many people who are seeking ways on how to make money online are turning their attention to blogs as they provide a simple, but effective alternative to traditional websites.  A blog can also brand you within the area of expertise that you write about, and this helps with building a certain amount of trust with the people that visit your blog.

The blog that you set up is like your own little corner of the internet where you can write and update posts about things that interest you.  Obviously, the posts that you will write need to relate to the theme of your blog.  This helps in attracting the right type of people or what is called “targeted” visitors.  These are people who are solely interested in your topic and are specifically searching for information and resources that relate to it.

Now, the neat thing about blogs is that you can turn your hobbies into something that will help you to make money online.  Each of your blogs posts can relay information and tips to readers that they can use to help solve their immediate problems which are directly related to your own blog theme.  With each post you can recommend any number of products or services that are also related to your topic.  You simply need to affiliate yourself with programs that offer products that are similar to your own topic.

Some of the more popular affiliate programs to join are:


Plus hundreds of other affiliate programs and offers from around the internet.  Almost all of them are free to join and allow you to choose products or services from their individual marketplaces.  Most of the hobbies or topics that you want to write about and make money online from can be found with these affiliate programs.

The key to blogging as I mentioned above is being creative.  Your blog can also be simple with no fancy designs or graphics, as long as you separate yourself from the thousands of other blogs competing for attention right alongside yours.