Every where you look online today, people are asking “How to make money online?”  To top it off they want to make money online fast and easy.  These people don’t want to spend anytime learning through e-courses, ebooks, tutoring, seminars or any other type of programming that requires them to read or wait for results.  No matter what other internet marketers or programs that they offer might say about making money online, it is not going to be as easy as they portray it will be.

How to make money online requires some sort of thought and you can only get this through specific strategies, tactics and methods that have been proven by other successful internet marketers.  Of course, there is always other ways to look at how to make money online with many lower paying programs that require very little training other then clicking a mouse or reading emails.  One perfectly good example is the immediate payout from such programs as PTC or pay to click programs. 

These PTC sites are designed to pay you for clicking on other people’s sites and viewing them, much the same as a traffic exchange.  The big difference is that advertisers are paying to have their sites viewed by you, where as with traffic exchanges, sites automatically rotate for free through the system and you view the sites for a specific amount of time and earn credits for doing so and then click after a timer has run out to view the next website in rotation.  Your site is added to the rotation and viewed by others doing the same thing as long as you have available credits.

PTC sites have worked for many people looking for ways on how to make money online, but this is definitely but a day job buster or something that will make a lot of money for.  It does require effort from you in the way of time, but requires very little knowledge of anything else to become active with them.

There are some things that you must pay attention too when it comes to PTC sites and how to make money online with them.  Each site might look the same, but each can also have their own set of rules, amount you will earn and the payout dates.  Read their guidelines first so you know what it is you will make from joining and participating in their individual programs.

Like I said above, PTC programs are certainly not something that the average person looking for how to make money online and replacing their paychecks with.  For the average person, payouts are generally small for the time and effort you put into them.  However, some people have become addicted to these PTC sites and belong too many of them and eventually build this into a majority of their online time.

Personally, I am not a big fan of PTC sites because of the time that goes into them, however, I do know many people that like them and have grown accustomed to using them.  Do a search for these pay to click sites and check them out for you.  Who, knows, maybe these are something that you would like to do until you find the right programs that will make money online for you.