Freelance writing is one of the most available jobs or opportunities online today and one of the most reliable when it comes to how to make money online.  With the internet taking on a more global presence, more and more people are jumping online to start their own business, personal websites and blogs.  This brings up one very important factor that they all share and that is, content.

The great thing about freelance writing is that you can do it on your own time; practically anywhere you feel comfortable writing and make money at the same time.  You don’t have set hours, schedules or certain place to be in order to be a freelance writer. 

Of course, there are other advantages of being a freelance writer, but what we’ll cover now is the process for actually getting writing jobs.  So, “where do you get freelance jobs online?”  You could do a simple search on Google for freelance or content writers to start.  But a good place to start would be  People looking for writers can post ads for such on the odesk site which helps people searching for writing jobs browse the available openings.

Another alternative is joining and following forums within a specific niche or better yet, start a blog and present some of your writing style on each post and than market your blog for freelance work.  Unless you can build a steady stream of traffic this way may be slower in getting work, but the great thing about it is being able to brand yourself as a freelance writer.

How to make money online with freelance writing jobs also depends on your own ability to negotiate with the companies or clients you get involved with.  Since there is a great demand for writing jobs and the number of available freelance writers to equal it, many people seeking writers are hesitant in paying premium rates.  If you are comfortable with an offer, than take it and complete the task as agreed.  However, if the rate is far below the average for a typical writing job, than negotiate the offer.

Some writers are desperate and willing to write for example a 500 word article for one dollar.  Other writers who are not as desperate and feel their services demand more will negotiate for a higher rate.  A lot depends on your writing abilities, experience and whether or not you choose to write for a specific niche or general topics.

A good tip would be to concentrate your efforts on a specific niche or two.  Since your strong points would primarily be focused within a certain market your writing jobs will be much easier and more detailed for both you and your clients.