Many people do not realize that one good way of how to make money online is through composing and selling your very own ringtones.  Personally, I have never caught on to the idea as other people have when it comes to ringtones and why there is so much fuss over them.  Sure, it can be a good way to identify you or other people through the ringtones or it could simply be something that you prefer or like.  No matter what, ring tones are a huge selling item on the internet today and not just for the younger generation.  And it’s not just on the internet, almost every offline store has some kind of banner or display ads where you can easily buy prepaid access cards for ring tones.

  • You can start selling ringtones by easily composing what is called MIDI or (music instrument digital interface).  This will allow the interaction with any electronic musical instrument and of course computerized devices.  This feature is a record and playback of music.

  • Take a look at the following site where you can get further information about MIDI and download free software if you need it.

  • These are some very popular places that you can register with to sell your ring tones - Myxer, LULU, Xingtone

  • Register with these sites and start adding your own ringtones.

  • If you don’t have a website or blog, you might think about getting one started so you can advertise and promote your ringtones from them.

  • Get involved with social networking, social media, forums and blogs so you can further promote your sites and ring tones. 

  • How to make money online by selling your ringtones can be profitable, especially if you can create music that appeals to a large audience.  The key is to find a mix such as music lovers, movie goers, inspiration, assorted genre and more.  Most individual ringtones only sell for a couple cents on up to a few dollars, depending on how popular the ring tones are.  Your best bet besides selling ring tones individually is to offer a group or package of ringtones which you can sell for a fixed amount.