How to make money online with this idea is a fairly popular area for anyone wishing to get into.  Rewriting eBooks can be something that a person could work into a full-time business if they really wanted to.

If you can write articles then there is no reason why you can’t rewrite eBooks for other people.  The rewrite process is practically the same as rewriting PLR articles.  The existing content material within the eBook has to be rewritten in the same manner by writing the content in your own words.  This should be much easier for you as you would not have to come up with original content and the research has already been done for you.

Rewriting eBooks would still give you the freedom to add additional content or leave some out according to your rewrite.  You also have the luxury of adding or leaving out some additional graphic images or pictures depending on what the eBook might be about.  If you enjoy writing or are at least comfortable with writing to some degree, you could easily edit and rewrite a medium page eBook of 20 to 35 pages in a couple days or sooner.  (Of course, this would depend on the subject and how detailed the content is)

  • If you haven’t done it already, register with several of the larger freelancing websites at Gurudotcom, Elancedotcom and Odeskdotcom.

  • You can also get your name out onto forums, social networking sites, blogs, classified ads, friends or relatives and let them know you are available for rewriting eBooks.

  • Prepare several samples of your writing ability to show potential clients.

  • How to make money online with eBook rewrites will of course depend on the size/number of pages, subject and graphics/pictures required.  However, most people I have seen advertising rewriting eBooks charge a minimum of $5 and upwards.