How to make money online by creating custom designed t shirts is another one of those weird areas of interest that seems to draw almost every type of people to it.  Custom t shirt designs has been big for years in the offline world, but it is just as big on the internet today as more and more people are setting up websites and letting their creative juices flow with crazy, as well as, artistic designs.  How to make money online with this concept requires a great deal of creativity and a little showmanship as you will be displaying your genius to the world.

Custom designed t shirts are being created to represent everything from graphic images, quotes, logos, company insignias, outrageous sayings, movie images, characters and even family photos.  This is something that you can create while at home and make money online by having your custom designed t shirts printed with an offline printer and sell them online through a website or blog.

You can also do custom designed tee shirts for individuals who want something a little more personal such as a picture printed on their shirts.  Of course, the more detail or customizing that goes into the process, the more you can charge for your work, within reason of course.

How to make money online with custom designed t shirts can be started by simply doing the following.

  • Register an account on

  • Locate both offline and online printers that will be able to do the print work for your shirts.

  • Start laying the many different custom designed t shirts through graphics or pictures.  Make sure that they are quality images that can be displayed on a website or blog and look professional quality.

  • Put together a website or blog where you will be able to showcase your design work.

  • Start promoting your site by visiting forums, related blogs, social networking sites, make a video about your custom design t-shirts and place on the many social media sites.  Inform your family and friends about your new site and the design work that you will be offering.

  • Custom designed t shirts can make money online for you simply because this is a product that is in demand.  How to make money online with this idea will depend on your creativity and uniqueness, but the average custom shirt can sell for $10 and more online.