One thing is for sure, no matter how easy the techs make building a website there will always be the need for others to help those that struggle with technical know how.  If you have some good knowledge of HTML and experience using Photoshop or similar utilities for graphics and images, then web site construction might be something that you should definitely look into, especially for the opportunity to make money online for yourself.

In order to make money online as a website builder and designer, you need creative qualities that will help you to stand out from the rest.  Many web builders start out by using templates that they have designed and grow from there.  As long as the site is functional and shows some creativity, people will pay as this will save them time and money (and the fact that they do not have to do any of the construction themselves).

  • Start out by searching for jobs on popular sites such as Odeskdotcom, Gurudotcom and Elancedotcom.

  • Make it a priority to go over the requirements and what is expected of you and have the client cover all details in the description.  If there are no other questions or concerns about the job and it is something that falls within your qualifications, take the next step and offer your services.

  • Cover all bases for staying within the time frame of expected completion of their website.  Double check that all requirements are met and in accordance of the clients wishes.

  • Take every advantage to make money online by promoting your services throughout the social networking communities.  Post promotional examples of your graphics, image works or sample pages on the social networks for others to see.  Tell your friends and family and ask that they help spread the word of your available services with their contacts. 

  • The rate of pay sometimes depends on the size of the website, number of pages, graphics, images, and any custom logo or design work.  Some techs will offer their services for as little as $5 per hour on up to $20 per hour depending on the website needs.  If the job is more of a custom design and will require a little extra from you, offer a set price to do the job within a given time period.

Keyword searches for domain names, hosting and website building have been holding steady for that last couple years, mainly due to the increase of people entering the internet marketing world.  This could very well be a great opportunity for anyone to make money online as a website builder and designer as long as you possess the necessary skills to fulfill the job requirement.