For most affiliate and internet marketers, having a separate budget for advertising is something that is not always available, if at all.  That’s why a popular method called affiliate article marketing has been growing steadily for the last few years as a free source of advertising for many internet marketers.  Affiliate article marketing consists mainly of writing optimized articles about your website or blog theme and than submitting those articles to online article directories to be published.

Many of the top article directories carry a large following of readers whose interests cover almost every topic imaginable.  Of these readers, many are consistently searching for specific information for their own newsletters or ezines.  Your individual articles could easily be used as content on any one of these or other sites across the internet, which also can open the door for future visitors and customers to your sites as well.

Each article that you write and submit has the potential to gain one way links to your website which also goes towards increasing your websites link popularity.  Submitted articles also create the opportunity for other potential readers who find your articles through a search to visit your website for additional information.  Every article submitted usually allows the author to place a link back to their site which gives readers the option to follow through.

The one thing that makes affiliate article marketing so attractive to many webmasters is the fact that it is basically a free method of advertising and promotion.  This is something that most internet marketers cannot afford to pass up; especially since advertising ones own website is a major factor when it comes to doing business online.

Another key factor with publishing articles online besides advertising is the fact that you will be building valuable one way links to your site.  This is extremely important since many of the top search engines rely on those links when it comes to ranking web pages.  This is known as link popularity which simply means, if your website has a lot of one way links pointing to it from other pages on the internet, than the search engines will consider your site to be of importance.

However, the most important value that you can get from writing articles is the awareness that you can create for you and your website.  Over a period of time this will create credibility and trust, something that is vital, especially if you are selling products online.  Of course, another added benefit of distributing your articles online is the fact that you are also building yourself as an authority within your niche market.

As you can see, affiliate article marketing can easily be one of your top promotional strategies that will help build awareness for your site and generate traffic at the same time.