First of all, you have to be familiar with forums, certain practices, policies and guidelines before you could even think about taking a forum moderator job.  However, if you work at home already then a forum moderator job might be something that could easily work within your schedule.  You also need to be aware that most of the forums do not have paid positions and those that do are very large and active forums with experienced moderators.

To become a forum moderator or mods as they are typically called, you could easily join a forum that relates to your niche topic and one that simply interests you and begin adding posts.  Spend some time learning all the rules and guidelines of the forum and after a short period of time you will catch on as to what the moderators job is all about.

You also need good communication skills as you will be dealing with many different types of behavior within the forum setting.  Generally this will come from members who do not bother understanding forum policies and rules and eventually end up with spam comments or posts.  Most new members who sign up to forums do so with the idea of being able to leave advertisements of their affiliate sites.  It is the moderators job to enforce the rules of the forum and interact with the members who violate any of the policies.

Now, as mentioned above, the larger forums are the ones that might have available paid mod positions and some of the smaller forums might offer some kind of incentives or other offers.  The key here is gaining experience that you could not get anywhere else except with the forums and as a moderator.  Working as a forum moderator could easily turn into a big learning experience for you and one which can open doors to other opportunities as well.

  • Post a profile on and of the freelancing sites such as Elancedotcom, Gurudotcom, and Odeskdotcom

  • When you find forums that you’re interested in, check with the site owner.  Many forum site owners will not post on freelancing sites as they prefer to hire people from within the forums themselves.  That’s still okay as people who see your profile listing can contact you about any open position as a moderator.