Today’s idea on how to make money online deals with writing articles for other people and sites.  You don’t necessarily need to be an excellent writer or an author, but if you do enjoy writing then this can be something to help you earn a little extra money on the side.

There are many website owners that just don’t have the time to keep adding content to their website or blogs.  Most of these webmasters will hire freelancers or what they call ghostwriters to do the job for them.  There is always some kind of opportunity for this type of task and being creative with writing skills will only make it better.

The following steps will point you in the right direction if you decide that you want to start writing content for others:

  • Start by posting your profile on sites that cater to freelancing jobs like Gurudotcom, Elancedotcom and Odeskdotcom.  Give a little background about yourself and include your interests and experience that you might have.

  • Search for additional freelancing sites and look for any writing jobs available and apply with each of them.

  • Prepare several sample writings of your work, it doesn’t matter what subject it is about.  Some people will ask for samples before considering the position.

  • Perform a search on Google and other search engines for any job offers for freelance writers.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask people you might know who have websites or blogs if they need any freelance work done or know of anybody that might need it.

  • Search forums that relate to something you would enjoy writing about as sometimes freelance work is mentioned or offered in one of the threads.

  • Do a blog search for the topic that interests you and notice if there are any listings for blog writers.  Sometimes people will operate more then one blog and do not have enough time to add posts and content to each of their blogs.

  • Post free listings in social networking sites for a freelance or ghostwriter.

Content writing positions, freelance work and ghostwriter positions can pay anywhere from a couple of dollars to well over a hundred dollars per job depending on what the job assignment is and the amount of experience you currently possess.  If you have previous experience or knowledge of the topic that you are writing about, it is possible to charge even more for your services.