One of the biggest hurdles that almost every internet marketer will face is how to get website traffic?  One alternative is to pay for the traffic that you want, however, this method can be very costly in the long run.  As an internet or affiliate marketer you will spend more than half your time online generating traffic to your sites or offers.  Another alternative that you should definitely use to help get website traffic is simply by using a web traffic generator.

Every online marketer or individual who has a business online wants more traffic, more traffic leads to more conversions.  There are many strategies that can help you to get website traffic.  One, as mentioned before, is paying for traffic, but this option is only feasible if you have the budget, article marketing is one of the best traffic generating methods, but this can take time to produce the results you want.  Other methods, such as social networking, social bookmarking and a whole lot of other strategies might be something that will also work for you as well.  Another source of free traffic could easily come from web traffic generators.

There are a number of these web traffic generators online today that can give your sites some very positive results.  Trafficxcess is the web traffic generator that I have chosen as one of my marketing tools to help generate traffic.  A web traffic generator primarily serves up two main functions.  First, you will be able to cloak all your affiliate links inside the membership area using a link generator.  This will simply generate a Trafficxcess link that you can start to promote instead of the original affiliate link.

Once you have generated your new link which only takes a few seconds, you will then need to create an ad from inside the members area.  Creating ads for all your campaigns is relatively simple and only requires a title, a short description and the URL of the site that you want people go to once they see your ad. 

The whole process works like this.  Once you generate a new link and promote it on the internet, when a person clicks on that link they are taken to the site that you have chosen, and at the same time you will be earning credits each time your link is clicked.  These credits are used to display your own ads on other peoples sites.

When someone clicks on your links and arrives at the site you've chosen, a small slide up window will appear at the bottom of the screen.  The slide up window will have an ad from another member of Trafficxcess, as well as an image of Trafficxcess itself and a countdown timer window.  When the time runs out, the window will disappear.

Now, the credits that you have earned will allow your ads to be shown on other members sites when people click on their links.  Another added feature of the system is allowing you to choose the specific categories that you want your ads to be seen in.  This basically means that if your website is about gardening, you can simply choose the appropriate categories for displaying your ads.

Not all of the traffic that you receive from the web traffic generator will be targeted towards your sites, but the key is to get as many eyes on your ads as possible.  The more campaigns that you have, the more ads that you will have displayed online.

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