No matter where you venture on the internet or the type of business that you might be involved with, list building is something to pay attention to.  Some of the best email marketing tips that you can read about will explain that having a list of subscribers is one of the most important assets an online business can have.  Some even go as far as saying that without a list of subscribers you are pretty much dead in the water, as far as making money online is concerned.

However, most email marketing tips usually leave out one important element that is vital for anyone building a list.  It is not enough to learn just how to build an email list, which is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to list building.  Learning the tactics to build a list is one thing, but understanding the value of your list is completely different and something that many internet marketers seem to forget.

Also, many online marketers are given the impression that they must build a huge list of subscribers in order to succeed with list building.  While a large list of subscribers might sound impressive it is not the most important thing when it comes to list building.  That's where many email marketing tips make their mistake when trying to teach others how to build an email marketing list.  The key to a successful list of subscribers is the relationship that you personally build with them.

One good example that I was taught is to go through the current emails that you receive from other lists that you belong to now.  How many of them actually send you information or training that you can benefit from?  I'd be willing to bet that it won't be many.  Today, most of the lists that you join are nothing more than affiliate promotions or ad swaps with other marketers hoping to increase the size of their own lists.

While it is tempting to be able to have a list of tens of thousands of subscribers, think about the value that you will be giving them first and what type of relationship you intend to build with them.  You could easily have an email list of several hundred subscribers and still out perform those that have lists of thousands solely based on the relationship that you build with your subscribers.

Here's some email marketing tips that will help you out while building your own list:

・    Keep communicating with your list on a regular basis.  This does not mean everyday.  Nobody wants to be bombarded with annoying emails from you.  This type of email marketing can also give you a bad reputation and it also shows that you are only interested in your subscribers to make money off of them. Once a week should suffice in keeping the communication open between you and your list, twice if you are offering a course, tutorial or other kind of valuable information.
・    Focus on delivering information that relates to your niche market and include key points or ideas that will motivate and teach your list members. 
・    Include something out of the ordinary or expand on something that might have already been used.
    Add a little humor or entertainment to your emails once in a while.  It doesn't hurt to demonstrate to your list that you are a real person as well.
    Offer freebies as well that come from you and not ad swap partners.  It is much more personal knowing that your members do not have to opt in for every freebie that you send them as you do with ad swaps.
・    Don't get discouraged with your list building.  Patience is something that you definitely need when it comes to building an effective list.  It will happen, you just need to keep working at it.