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Recently, I signed up with a free website called Killer Preseller. This site gives away free website landing pages and templates that are important for your promotions with affiliate products, such as Clickbank.

What Is The Importance Of Using website landing pages?

It's easy to say that one of the biggest mistakes many affiliate marketers will do is to instantly link to the merchants web-site without developing some kind of website landing page or presell page of their own. If you create your own page first, you will than have the ability to rank it with the search engines for certain keywords.

On top of that, there are many other reasons why creating your own website landing page is important. But, it's just the obvious fact that your pages will give you a greater opportunity to make the sales. Either through pre-selling your customers or by giving visitors the chance to opt in to your email list.


What Makes A Great Presell Page?

Your landing page should actually flow with brief information and never yell out to visitors “buy me” like so many types of sales pages actually do. On the other hand, your page should presell any targeted visitors for the particular offer that you have, and lead them to your merchants web site. The variety of templates that Killer Preseller offers have a good feel towards them with a distinct design and extra page breaks throughout, which helps to keep your visitors attention. There are several places throughout the landing page where your affiliate links can be added so your readers can follow through to the merchants site. All of the website landing pages offered are professional, correctly designed, accurate and get to the point.

It It Better To Understand More Of What You Are Selling?

Obviously, knowing a little bit about your product will definitely give you an advantage over other affiliates who just grab a few links and banners and start posting. Top affiliates usually have their minds made up as to what they are going to promote. Either the products they choose are related to their own interests and passions or it is something that they really think is worth pursuing. This means that they will purchase the product and spend time reading through the product material, before they actually create their landing pages and review it.

The good news is that Killer Preseller has already done that part for you and provided a professional review of the product. Neat huh!

Having the ready made website landing pages and the reviews done for you saves you the time and effort in creating them yourself. It sets you up as an affiliate that will actually start making money. Of course, if your intention is to just add your affiliate website templates and not do anything to promote them, then you will end up just like the majority of other affiliates today who are failing.

Top affiliates are where they are for one simple reason, they go after their dreams. The secret to your website landing pages is to promote them, to get them noticed. If you can do that, than Killer Preseller is what you need now as an affiliate. Take advantage of the variety of affiliate review sites that you can use now to start making money online!






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