How to Make Articles Work for Your Affiliate Marketing Programs






How to Make Articles Work for Your Affiliate Marketing Programs


Many new internet marketers don’t realize the value of writing articles for their affiliate marketing programs.  The use of articles is probably one, if not the best method of advertising for your website or blog.  The neat aspect of articles is that you can write as many as you want and they can be targeted to your affiliate marketing programs.

If you are uncomfortable about writing, don’t be.  Most of the people that will be reading your articles are searching for particular information which will be in your article.  Provide the information about your affiliate marketing programs, and don’t try to be fancy with a lot of words from the thesaurus, just be yourself.

The first thing you have to do is decide what your article will be about.  Stay within the theme of your affiliate marketing program and once you have decided what your article will be about, choose your keywords and keyword phrases.  There are several good software programs that are available and can help with choosing the keywords for your affiliate marketing programs.

If you do not have a software program for locating keywords, you can use Google ad words keyword tool.  When you get to the keyword tool, type in several keywords or keyword phrases and the keyword tool will display the keywords used for those.  It will also give you an indication of competing websites and average monthly searches for those keywords.

Start making a list of keywords so you can refer to them later.  Once you have chosen the keywords or keyword phrases that you will be using, write out 5 to 10 different titles that you could use for that article.  Make sure you include the keyword or keyword phrase in the title.

Use words or phrases in your title like, how to, discover, top, best way.  Your readers will be searching for information, by using catchy words or phrases you can immediately draw their attention to your article.  After you have your title for your article you need to work on the introduction, the first paragraph and the most critical concerning your article.

When finished writing the introduction start adding to the body of your article.  Don’t write a story, and don’t try and sell your affiliate marketing programs or anything else for that matter.  You don’t want to use the article to sell something to a reader; you want to capture their attention by providing them with information.

After you finish writing the body of your article you than want to write a summary to finish it off.  It is acceptable to add a comment about your affiliate marketing programs and even a small recommendation.  Your article should give your readers information about their search topic, but it should also have them wanting to learn more.

The author resource box is next, and this is where you will leave them with your website address so they can visit your site to find out additional information.  Just remember, the whole point of your article is not about selling your affiliate marketing programs, it is about building a relationship.

Using articles the right way can create a steady flow of traffic to your website or blog, and generate an income for you as well.  Articles should be written to provide information to readers searching for specific topics of interest.  Internet marketers need to understand that articles draw the attention of readers, and that articles should not be used to sell products.

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