It is pretty much the same as a ghost writer or freelance writer position, the only difference being that you will be a ghost blogger writing specific posts for a blog.  It can also be for webmasters who update their sites content frequently.  Usually these blogs have a specific theme that they write about and they either have run out of ideas or need additional input from someone else.

Examine your expertise or passions and see if there are any particular niche subjects that you are interested in.  If you find one that you feel comfortable writing about, the possibilities for you can be very good to make money online.

  • Start off by getting yourself noticed and registering in forums related to the niche topic that interests you.  Introduce yourself and let other forum members know what your expertise covers and do the same within some of the social networking sites.

  • Next, contact some website owners, blog owners, and forum owners and let them know what experience you have and the passion for the niche subject.  Inform them that you are looking for a position to create content for the sites they own.  However, before doing that make sure that you research the sites that interest you.  Have a complete understanding of what it is you will be writing about.  As soon as you are ready to contact them, which will more than likely be by email, draft a copy and make it personal to the company or individual owner.  This is the time for creativity and a chance for you to promote yourself as being different from all the rest.

  • Go a step further and include a couple samples of your writing and inform them that they can add these as posts to their blog for free.  Remember to add keywords that relate to the niche subject or topic of the blog.

  • If you happen to notice a company blog that is not keeping up with their posts, include some advice on how you could add relevant subject matter more frequently to inspire additional interest and readership.  That’s really the bottom line with blogging and if you have fresh ideas for a given topic that you can write about, you just might be busy.  Don’t be afraid to let them know your passion about the subject and at the same time, include details of any expertise that relates to it.

Once you find a writing job, it is critical that you deliver the content to your client within the agreed timeframes.  This is important for establishing yourself and building a reputation which will ultimately lead to additional work.  As a ghost blogger or writer it is possible to earn anywhere from $10 to $50 per post, depending of course on the type of blog, whether private or corporate (which means even more for you) and the length and detail of each writing.