Today I am starting a series of posts that will cover some actual ways to make money online without referencing any type of affiliate or internet marketing programs.  These are legitimate ways that you can earn money while working online at home.  Some of these ideas may require some specific background into the nature of each program, but they are still viable options for making money online today.

Let’s start out with something that is popular and the only requirement is being able to talk or communicate with people.

Forum Posting

This is a very popular idea and one that can make money online for you in a short period of time.  Many webmasters have chosen to hire other people to add posts on their forums; this gives the impression that the forum is active and might be popular.  The idea is to make the forums look like they are popular with the hopes of attracting additional visitors.

The object to this job assignment is forum posting, initiating new threads and giving responses to any existing ones and to continue any conversations that might be going on.  This can be easily accomplished by offering up conversation, by posting any thoughts relating to subject, instruct people according to subject matter and engaging in any intriguing conversations.

One thing that this type of job assignment will reward you with is the opportunity to learn more.  Also, this experience can be even more rewarding by posting in forums that you have in interest in.

The following steps are how you should begin with any forum posting assignment:

  • Search through any of the freelancing sites like Guru dotcom, Odeskdotcom, Elancedotcom and others.
  • Then apply for any forum posting jobs that are available.
  • The owners will contact you so they can talk more about the position and about your interests.
  • Once accepted an offer is made and you simply agree or disagree as to the pay to post and the timeframe.
  • Requirement; finish the job assignment according to the timeframe.

As a general rule of thumb, most forum posting jobs pay anywhere from $.05 to $0.50 per post.  Depending on the time that you are allotting to earn money, you could set a certain time of day to make posts.  How many posts you do is entirely up to you and your schedule.